Are you searching for answers?

  • Do you feel disconnected from Spirit?

  • Are you suffering from pain or unexplainable illness?

  • Do you know you're blocked but don't know how to fix it?

  • Is trauma from your past still running your life today?

  • Do you feel you have you lost your way to life purpose?

  • Are you a coach looking for a way to get your clients to the finish line?

You are here for a reason - it's your time

There are no coincidences. Everything starts with FAITH

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"My highest service is to connect you to your own Spirit guides"

Founder, Etheric Medicine®️

Bobbi Vogel

Bobbi Vogel, Founder of Etheric Medicine®️ is a medical intuitive, clairvoyant healer, speaker, and transformational leader. She knows that when you are unwell physically, spiritually or emotionally, you have lost the connection to who you are at core, you have lost your power. The journey begins with Faith. Bobbi is committed to helping you connect to Faith and return to your power so that you step forward into a life of purpose and abundance.

What is the Ascension Program?

Join us for the  program that has been guided by Spirit using the inspiration, information and wisdom Bobbi has received during her 1,000+ sessions. 

The possibilities for TRANSFORMATION are endless.

Move from a life of questions to a life of knowing. 

It’s the simple, 7-Pillar Program (starting February 15th, 2021) that took Bobbi from being stripped of everything but Faith to living her purpose in a thriving mentoring and healing practice.

Inside this program you are led on a path to Faith, Healing and Life Purpose that guides you to move past pain and illness to living a life of transcendence in peace and harmony with Spirit.

This program is for anyone that has ever felt like giving up, ever felt alone, anxious or afraid. Anyone who has ever looked at their life and felt overwhelmed or confused. 

UNTIL NOW, this life-changing experience and wisdom has only been available to those who work with Bobbi one-on-one. And as you know, only a small handful of people can benefit from that. 

Today, you can get your hands on the exact knowledge, Spirit guidance and wisdom that you’ve been searching for at a fraction of the price - with all of the information and access you need to change your life - forever.

The doors to this cohort are now closed!

What happens for you in the Ascension Program?

You will walk through each of the 7 Pillars with Bobbi. 

You have unlimited access to each of the pillars in the program. Every week, Bobbi conducts group mentoring LIVE so that you can overcome any blocks, get your questions answered live and witness the power of the specific pillar in your life. 

Along with unlimited access to this groundbreaking, one-of-a-kind, “Spirit-Created” program, there will be an 8th live Zoom mentoring session after the program completes!

Why group mentoring is so powerful

Sometimes we learn from others more easily than if we were addressing something directly. It’s called “disassociation”. We don’t have emotions or stories attached, so we can see the situation clearly. Then we can take the solution and apply it to our own lives. It's the very reason analogies work so well.

Take the first step

Your path is waiting

Pillar 1: FAITH - Change Your Life

Move from hoping and believing to an unwavering knowing that you are divinely guided.

  • Divine guidance is available to you 100% of the time.

  • Finally get on the true path to healing

  • Find your true life purpose

  • We are light beings - operate in your highest vibration

  • Finally reach understanding that you are capable of anything

Pillar 2: SOUL RESPONSIBLE - Change Your View

Find and use your power from within, and own your life away from pain and victimization. Finally own your life and change it forever.

  • Transform your pain into peace and purpose.

  • How to stop struggling to forgive. Others and yourself.

  • Feel more in control of your life and your feelings.

  • Release victim mentality and find forgiveness.

  • Know that you have everything that you need within you to make the changes you want.

Pillar 3: YOUR ETHERIC BODY - Change Your Health

Understand how light is as essential to your etheric body as oxygen is to your physical, and finally feel the release of old, unseen emotional wounds.

  • Discover the core source of emotional wounds and pain.

  • Move from depleted to abundant, and from loss to love.

  • Meet your etheric, (light/energy) body and understand its importance to your well-being.

  • Clear the emotional wounds that are creating unease and dis-ease.

Pillar 4: HEALING + BREATHING THE LIGHT - Change Your Energy

Utilize the light to clear and feed your etheric body and energize your soul.

  • Clear blocks and stagnation, and reignite your 'electrical system'.

  • Learn the 5 minute exercise that will change your energy and connect you to Spirit.

  • Move into greater self-acceptance and self-love.

  • Find a stronger sense of wholeness and connect to your soul.

  • Feel comfort that you are connected to everything - you are never alone.

Pillar 5: Supplements + Mental Health - Change Your Mind

Understand what self-care really is (and what it isn’t) and have compassion for yourself and your process.

  • Move away from unnecessary supplements wasting your money and your health

  • Heal your leaky gut - it’s causing more problems than you think…

  • Put your mental health in check - finally, change it for good.

  • Fix your gut/brain connection for energy, health and clarity.

  • Detox from the things that are not really helping you

Pillar 6: MANIFESTATION - Change Your Future

Your guides are here for you right now. Learn to call in your resources to create the life, health and relationships that you want.

  • Build the belief that you are worthy of abundance in all things.

  • Call in and create what you really want -- from wherever you are now.

  • Connect your etheric body to abundance and creation

  • Easily understand the quantum field and why it’s important.

  • Clear your energy any time from wherever you stand.

  • Step into your power and brilliance.

Pillar 7: GOING ROGUE WITH SPIRIT - Change Your Knowing

Witness the insight direct from Spirit that is relevant in these times and release what may be holding you down that is no longer serving you. Experience freedom.

  • Witness the power of God and Spirit channeled live.

  • Reassurance that we are all individually and divinely guided 100% of the time.

  • Realize that everything you need is already here - all you need to do is reach out and call it in.

  • You are never alone - learn how to connect to YOUR peeps

  • Take all your tools for transcendence into the world and change your life.

100% happiness guarantee

I want you to be completely happy with the Ascension program.

That's why we offer a 7-day 100% money-back guarantee. If, within 7 days of the Ascension program start date you wish to leave for any reason, just let us know and we will refund you your enrollment in full.

YES! I want lifetime access to all 7 pillars

Get over 16 hours of channeled content! Including 8 weeks of 1 hour LIVE group mentoring with Bobbi (worth $5600) for just $1997 starting now

Ascend with Spirit

How the Ascension Program changes your life

  • 7 pillars in 7 weeks

    Take a deep dive with Spirit and Bobbi for 7 weeks. Each week unlocks a new pillar in the program. There is a video focused on faith, healing, life purpose, emotional wounds, forgiveness, manifestation and much more. [Lifetime access]

  • Divinely channeled wisdom

    Your entire program has been guided by Spirit with information given during Bobbi's 1,000+ private sessions. Experience "the peeps" dropping in live with even more astounding wisdom. Get ready to roll deep!

  • PLUS! 8 weeks of LIVE sessions

    Your program also includes weekly LIVE Zoom mentoring sessions! Connect with Bobbi every week for 8 weeks. Each call will be a full 1 hour live Q&A

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Because each group is guided personally by Bobbi, enrollment is limited

This program is only available a few times a year. The current cohort is now closed

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"Healing is in the medicine you cannot see"®

Read what people are saying about Bobbi

"An absolute gift from God"

Tracy Ryan

My daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor at 8 months old and is also blind. We tried 6 years of chemo with no progress. We started working with Bobbi, and by the second visit her vision began returning and she is now reading letters, numbers and can see every color. Her health has improved significantly and her doctors are shocked and have never witnessed anything like this. Bobbi is no doubt an absolute gift from God. She is the most gifted healer we have ever encountered.

"A remarkable and discernible difference"

Dr Linda Howe

With exceptional humility and humor, Bobbi Vogel shares her healing gifts with us. It's remarkable that one person can make such a discernible difference in our quality of life/health/well-being. I am just grateful she's with us now, in these times of great need.

"One of the best healers of our time"

Rob Wergin, HEAL documentary

Bobbi has a deep and profound connection to the Divine and it shows in her healing sessions. I have experienced it myself. If you are in her path it is not by accident.

"A life changing experience"

Tayyebah Kahlon

I’m so grateful to God, spirit and my guides for sending me to Bobbi! My whole perspective on my life has changed. She was so open and honest with me throughout the session. I sorely needed the wake up calls she gave me. I have never felt such an immense, life changing experience as the one I experienced with Bobbi. She is just amazing and I thank her and my guides every day for coming into my life!

"Bobbi Vogel has an exceptional gift"

The Groover Family

Bobbi Vogel has an exceptional gift that is life changing, and there is no doubt that she has incredible abilities to heal. She first saw our son Devin in October 2019. He had been struggling with acid reflux for some time. Shortly after his second session with Bobbi, we noticed his stomach issues had diminished and soon became non-existent. We cancelled his endoscopy procedure and any future medical appointments. The gratitude we feel towards Bobbi is endless and no words could ever explain how thankful we are to have her in our life.


  • When does the Ascension program start?

    It starts on February 15th.

  • Will I have access to all the pillars at once on February 15th?

    Each pillar is released every Monday beginning February 15th for 7 weeks.

  • Do l get lifetime access to all 7 Pillars?

    Yes, they are yours to keep and refer back to whenever you need.

  • What day and time are the live group mentoring calls?

    Every Saturday (consecutively) starting Feb 20 through April 10 and run from 11 am pst to 12 pm pst.

  • How long are the live Q&A group mentoring sessions?

    Each one is an hour long.

  • If I don’t attend the live mentoring Q&A will I get a recording?

    We don't record the live calls for privacy purposes.

  • Can I submit my questions before the call?

    Yes, when you join Ascension we explain how you can submit questions before the live calls.

  • What if I don’t have time to watch the pillars when they are released on Monday?

    You will have a week to watch each pillar, and will have lifetime access so you can watch them whenever you need in future too.

  • What if I need to refund my purchase?

    If you wish to refund your purchase you can do so within 7 days of the program starting.

Got more questions about the program?

  • How do I know this will work for me?

    If you come to the program fully committed, I believe that there’s nothing you can’t do.

  • How do I know I can trust this program?

    Being discerning is wise. This course is spirit channeled and compiled from Bobbi’s 1000+ sessions. If you’ve found yourself here and feel guided then you’ve already taken the first step. Plus, if it's not what you hoped for, you can get a 100% refund in the first 7 days.

  • What is the benefit in choosing this program over a private session?

    The Ascension program has 16 hours of spirit channeled content that would cost $5600. That's $3600 of savings you make over booking a private session with Bobbi. Plus you get 8 hours of group mentoring with Bobbi in which you can ask her questions that are personal to your situation and journey.

  • What is the benefit of live group mentoring?

    It’s empowering to be in the presence of other people committed to their transformation. We tend to learn from others more easily than if we were addressing something directly.

  • Why are other mentoring programs cheaper?

    This program was not created to sell you something else. It was created to connect you to the power that’s already within you, and is the most cost-effective way of working with Bobbi. It offers $3600 in savings.

  • Will the Ascension program help me find healing?

    Are you ready to heal? Then yes.

  • How do I know it’s the right time to join Ascension?

    What led you here? Trust that. There are no coincidences.

It's time to walk in FAITH and change your life - for good

The doors to this cohort are now closed!